I was born in Mombasa, Kenya in 1993. My father, Tonio Trzebinski, was a talented painter, my mother a successful designer and my brother a bronze sculptor. Being surrounded by artists from a very young age allowed me to experiment with different mediums and allowed me to express my self through creativity. Apart from creating my jewelry and accessories I create ceramics, collages, paint and arrange flowers for weddings.

Much of my inspiration comes from being brought up in Kenya and having parents that made our childhood magic. We traveled all around Kenya. Pretty much every weekend we were tossed in the back of the car off to a remote spot either in the middle or the bush or somewhere along the Kenyan coast. My childhood is filled with many happy memories spending hours on the ocean, fishing, surfing, snorkelling and playing on beaches or sleeping under mosquito nets in the middle of the bush under a blanket of stars.

I would say my work is inspired by Kenya’s untouched beauty and the diversity of tribes and cultures I have been exposed to. I use my creativity to try to come up with designs that have a story to them or that evoke a feeling or a memory in me, and that is relatable. For me nature is an easy subject, after all we as a species are part of nature, although in so many societies we have lost this connection. That is why my creations try to remind people of this connection even if it’s just for a moment.

My pieces are created through working with various different mediums and with various different Kenyan artisans to come up with my vision. I like to work with different materials I see as beautiful and natural such as; horn, wood, uncut stones, brass, silver, bronze, beads, antique fabric, canvas, leather and suede that, combined, create a piece from my story.